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My name is Umer Arian and I am currently a medical student at Nova Southeastern University in Florida. My interest in medicine specifically lies in internal medicine and trauma. And my goal is to embody the title “Doctors Without Borders” by frequently setting up free or at least cheaper care in areas that are in need of it, both locally and abroad. 

The first time I heard of the Rihlah was during a road trip back to Houston after spending three days snowboarding on the awesome slopes of Colorado with the Ghani brothers. I became interested in the project simply because it is an opportunity of a lifetime. It is an opportunity that promises to develop me physically, spiritually and mentally. In addition to that, given my role as the Medical Advisor on this team, this ride presents me with the opportunity to develop my medical skills in a manner and setting that very few other opportunities would allow. By His Will, both of these opportunities will immensely aid me in achieving my dream of setting up medical care in the areas of need. 

The biggest thing I am looking forward is exploring the unknown. When I say unknown I am referring to things that I have never gotten to see or experience: I am going to get to see awesome landscape, meet new people, explore different ways of life and, if and when the opportunity presents itself, explore different ideology in regards to medical practice from country to country, city to city and village to village. In addition to that, I look forward to performing Hajj with a great group of guys. 

I am generally pretty quiet.


  • Ch. M A Afzal says:

    I am glad to see your views about this project and such a blessed opportunity that will have a positive impact on you and society (In Shaa Allah).
    My best wishes and prayers are with you and your project team.
    2 thumbs up ….

  • Wow, it’s no wonder why you’ve so many individuals following you online.

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