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We feel bad
For the dead
For what they had,

Things left unsaid
To mom and dad,
Shot and bled
In sheets they’re clad,

Mothers who pled
Threatening to go mad
To God she said
Save my lad!
Take me instead!

She stared at his notepad
For words unread,
At the ring on her hand
For weddings unwed,

The picture with his dad
The roads ahead
Seem empty and sad,

We sit in bed
The death toll they add
In the news we’re fed
Consumed like fads,

The Prohet (pbuh) said
If you see an evil act against what you see
Or speak against it with words, don’t just let it be
Or feel remorse in your heart, and that is the weakest of three

-Talha bin Baqar


We feel pain for the ummah wherever there is sadness, but with that pain we must not soon forget what we can do. Our duties don’t end at sharing a facebook post or a retweet, it begins with sincere Du’aa for the afflicted, then a plan to help however we can. That can include donations, raising awareness, and most importantly changing what is in our own hearts to align with our Lord because we cannot witness a change in our society without first seeing that change within ourselves.

Pray for Peshawar.



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