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From tree to tree
I fly for safety
Looking beneath my wings
I see the burning

I fly and see
The people before me
In sadness and misery
They run, they flee

Nearby a child sings
Flying with his wings
Happy and free
He says to me
How lucky you are
To be this far

He flutters around
Then looks to the ground
I ask his name
But he looks in shame

I ask twice
Hoping to be sufficed
When suddenly he yelps
“Why didn’t they help?”

I ask who, oh who
Was this so true
That when he needed a hand
He was put in the sand

I see a tear on his face
He says, “at least at this pace
Soon my parents will fly
With me in the sky
But I wonder when they’ll all learn
That to God we belong, and to Him we shall return.”


In our busy lives with finals coming up, work deadlines, and the vacations approaching, let’s make it a goal to pray for Palestine once during every Salah. Just imagine, subhanAllah! That’s 8 billion prayers a day! We can only do so much, but the least we can and will do, is pray.



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