I put my trust in God and He… WHAT WAS THAT?!

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Hmmm it’s 4 pm and I have about three hours left to put in my miles before the sunset… shouldn’t be too bad…

The hills behind the city of Berkeley lead to a thick forest. I feel lost nearly every time because the sun, in it’s different positions, changes the scenery so drastically. On the way back with only about 10 miles to go I decided to pray Maghrib (funny side story while praying: a fellow cyclist thought I fainted and stopped, asking, “Are you okay?!” I tried to hold on to the prayer but ended up breaking it and explaining to him that I was making Salah. Gotta appreciate cycling culture and compassion though).

Biting off my last bit of Cliff bar I head home through the dark forest. A couple of minutes pass by and I think to myself, “Man this place sure is different at night.” A few more miles go by and I realize I am going down a very steep, unfamiliar hill. AND THEN THE PAVED PATH TURNS TO DIRT AND I’M LOST. 

After a while of aimlessly backtracking I found a sign pointing to Berkeley. At this point I begin making my go-to prayer to calm myself. which is the last verse in Surah Tawbah of the Quran:

حسبي الله لا إله إلا هو عليه توكلت وهو رب العرش العظيم

God is enough for me: there is no god but Him; I put my trust in Him; He is the Lord of the Mighty Throne

I was calm… up until my legs started majorly cramping, my flashlight died, and the howling of coyotes took control of my thoughts. Hehe, it sure is different when praying in a state of fear.

I was dragging my bike up a hill when I a car passed by. I shouted for help, begging them to lead me the right way. I find out that I was just a street away from a point about 4 miles away from home.

I took this picture upon returning to the road, thanked and praised God, and said to myself, “Never again.”


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