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It’s crazy to think millions of people from all over the globe are in the process to get to Mecca to perform Hajj this year. And each year, Alhamdulilah the number seems to grow and grow due to the blessings of modern day transportation, safety levels of travel, the comfort, affordability and the expansion to make the Holy mosque more accessible to everyone.

Often I think what if these sheer numbers were planning to embark on this journey like people did hundreds of years ago? It would be a sight to see. Imagine the Arabian Desert covered with a sea of pilgrims and the Port of Jeddah having waves of vessels as far as the eye could see.

I am beyond excited for this journey that is coming up now in less than a year. Every day our team is working on the logistics of the ride and nearly each day we are discovering ways to improve our route planning. Safety is the most important thing for us and because of that we have changed our route quite a few times now. It is a daunting task yet we are eager, nervous and excited all at the same time. As of now the countries we plan to embark our journey in are Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Jordan and finally reach mecca.

We’ll see what the future holds but please do keep us in your prayers and look out for our updates! God has given us a beautiful world, and he’s given us a pillar to allow us the opportunity to explore it for his sake.


-Omar Ghani

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