Emad Akhter’s Biography

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My name is M. Emad Akhtar, and I own my own Marketing and Multimedia company known as Fifth Moon Studios. I have been in the multimedia industry since late 2007, and have had the honor of working independently since 2010. My primary experience comes in the form of developing high-end content for companies and organizations, with my passion developed through Documentary Film making.

I became involved with Rihlah because a close friend of mine, Usman Aijaz, recommended me to the group to film their trip. I had the chance to meet up with Omar for coffee and we discussed the opportunity to film for Rihlah. I had already met other members of the group, including Imran and Umer while I was attending University of Houston, and Jaudat actually helped me out substantially when I was filming a music video for a local artist,

In terms of the trip itself, the one aspect I look forward to most is just experiencing the different countries that we will be traveling to, and being able to meet with the locals. Travel has always been a life long goal of mine, and being able to mix my goal of travel with my love of filming makes me a happy guy.

Things most people don’t know about me: I love peanut butter, cooking, watching terrible b-rate horror movies, and my guilty pleasure is watching food/cooking shows while fasting.

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