Cyber Monday well spent….On a Gym Membership that is

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Sallam All!

Omar here, it has been a while since we have posted a blog so I wanted to update you all with our team. Alhamdulilah I have moved back to Houston from Michigan and boy does it feel nice to get warm weather! Coming from nearly 10 degrees in the middle of November to a Sunny 60 degree Texas Thanksgiving back home was just the perfect welcome back to the home I love. (Not to mention fried turkey, brisket and a scoop of biryani all in the same plate).

Coming back home also means getting more aggressive now with training! We have just about 7 months until the ride Inshallah and now is the time to hit the gym more often and dedicate Saturday mornings on long rides.

While many folks took advantage of Cyber Monday today, the only thing the Rihlah Team took advantage of was getting a team gym membership discount! Emad, Usman and I will all be training together during the weekdays over the next couple of months and we’re looking forward to it!

Also, our winter training camp is coming up soon! We will be training in California Inshallah during the winter holidays and we can’t wait to share some amazing pics of our rides, training, food and more! Sometime in January we will also release our latest promo video.

Stay tuned!

-Omar Ghani

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