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Cartoons can be funny and punny and oh so full of joy
They bring us giggles and wiggles and laughs like little girls and little boys

The drawings are clever they allow us to remember what’s really important for us
It’s to take what’s serious without being delirious to poke fun without a fuss

But as adults we forget to sometimes let our conscience guide our thoughts
Though it may be a right to spew with all our might, what have we really bought

But it is without question that violence and aggression are gross and certainly not in my name
The murders are surely the dogs of Hell where they shall dwell for bringing us horror and shame

They hoped we’d fall but instead we stand tall to fight as brothers and sisters united
We vow not to shout and scream,
to fall for their scheme for these actions are not me, nor he nor she.

The answer doesn’t lie in hate it is simply their bait to see us all divided

I, as a Muslim love you so, that you are to me a friend to know,
that I am not who you may think, a foe,
but I assure you that my love and the love of over a billion is real,
we fast and pray, we smile and say peace be unto you.

We wish we could fix it all but we simply bawl, we cannot take the tears,
you know not the fears we hold,
its not true what you’ve been told,
I am a human that says peace be unto you. Peace be unto you.
If only if only you knew.

-Talha bin Baqar


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