“…and what is even more hidden”

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Greetings Al-Rihlah supporters!

I’ve been getting some amazing views during my rides in the Bay Area back country. Meditating on the Quran while out with my bike for hours is the best spiritual retreat a guy could as for, and all praises and thanks are to the Divine.

These days I have been contemplating the story of Moses in the Quran from the chapter Taha. God prefaces the story by informing  the Prophet Muhammad (S) that the Quran wasn’t being revealed to him to cause him grief. Rather the example of Moses was sent down to encourage him and to expose the inevitable failure of evil no matter powerful it may seem in this world.

The ayah that keeps striking me these days is:

Whatever you may say aloud, He knows what you keep secret and what is even more hidden (20:7). 

What could be more hidden than a secret?! I mean I know that God knows all that is in my heart, but after some more thought I realized the implications of the last part of the ayah. It was almost as if God is mocking my act of thinking I could get away with the shadiest of shady. Those slight glances at the forbidden, those minor slips of the tongue, those thoughts of contempt towards my fellow brothers and sisters. It is an ayah that triggers immediate repentance and seeking rectification within myself.

What do you think?


One Comment

  • BILAL ANSARI says:

    I think…Therefore I am. A claim that hides the fact that my thought is like an atom which has an Originator other than me. In truth if I think to trace the thought to a source than ‘I am’ becomes more and more hidden.

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